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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stock and ETF newsletter 7/9/2013: $NOK $BBRY $RGC $USO $SCO $UUP $QCOM $BRCM $INTC $NVDA


$NOK is definitely hot averaging 2% up a day in last four sessions even though it got downgrade in Swedbank and S&P . It will report ER on 7/18, will watch it closely when it moves into the $4.5-5 resistance zoom and ER.

Still holding full position.


I entered Long in $BBRY today when it started to pop out of the recent consolidation base. Still not sure if how much it could recover or even roll over and break down $9.5, but I’d like to try a tight Long play here. Risk $9.5.
Similar to $NOK, $BBRY also sees some bear comments today. Deutsche Bank out cautions on $BBRY and it gave up most of its morning gain. I really don’t like it.

I’m still holding full position here. Keep the stop in place.


Oil has been strong for many days now. Now it is almost the highest price in a year. Around $103-104/barrel. Please notice that US dollar $UUP just rushed to recent high also, and IMF lower global growth for 2013 to 3.1% from 3.3% and 2014 to 3.8% from 4.0%. These are not very bullish to oil. I entered a small short through $SCO when $USO stalled at around $36.67. Unfortunately, oil moved higher little again this afternoon. I may ditch this soon if oil extends with strength, or scale in more if it shows weakness. I just don’t think it could sit here.

[update] the overnight China export data is really disappointing - down 3.1%. Coming together with the week export, the Chinese crude import in first half of 2013 also falls 1.4%. This is good news to our oil short position. But if oil still displays strength regardless of these, I would scratch the oil short soon.

Still in small oil short.


My $RGC is still battling with $19 resistance. Up a inch today. But up is good. still hold it with patience.


When I look at chip makers’ stock, I just want to CRY. I’m not talking about the low entry semi companies, I’m talking about the leading companies that are empowering our ultrabook, 4G cell phone, ultra fast wifi, and super fast mobile processing. Their stocks just suck. I really cannot believe how cheap some of chips sell in your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. The Qualcomm 4-core processors Snapdragon 600 sells $35 and the 4G modem for less than $20. And this is considered high margin product! The margin will drop because competitors from Asia are catching up (that’s why you see the price drop… margin will go lower). If customers don’t replace their phone every 2 years, some of these companies will just literally die.

They have the best engineers in the world, hiring hundreds Ph.D and Masters every year, invest billions in R&D, work 6 days a week and have stock that just sucks.
I’m not arguing with market. Whichever direct it points, it is the right direction. Now it just points to a direction that makes me CRY.

No position. May short $QCOM.
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