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Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/18 Swing ETF and Stock newsletter: $NOK, $NTES, $LITB, $SNV, $MPO, $RGC, $DIS, $USO, $SCO, $GLD, $SLV



I picked up couple Chinese web names as they are running really strong these days. Last week, I entered two full Long positions in $LITB and $NTES. One fast name, one slow name.

I have been following $NTES for a while. With Chinese names all popping up, I hope $NTES can finally break up. These two days look pretty good. Still holding in full position.


You cannot buy Alibaba now (I will talk more about Alibaba with $YHOO) but you can buy another Chinese e-commerce name $LITB. This is a mini Alibaba. $LITB’s 2013 revenue should be around $300 to $350 million. With $17/share (833 million market cap), it’s < 3x to the revenue. For 70-90% annual growth, this evaluation is unbelievably low. After Long, I got 20% in just couple days which was too fast to me. I just could not let the profit slip away from me and exited around $17. I may reenter this.



$DIS broke up the down trend as highlighted in previous newsletter, and still looks ok. But This $RGC just popped up and roll back. Pretty disappointing price action. Now it’s almost even. I’m looking to scratch it if it cannot hold the upcoming 50 and 200 MA at around $18.4.




I have been holding $MPO for a while now. Added a small piece when it got down to $5.5. This name got dumped badly after IPO but I think it’s well undervalued and the rising oil should help $MPO find a leg. This week’s price action is pretty good. I’d like to break and hold $7 (50 MA). Still hold full position



I was so gravely wrong about oil. Was trying to short it too early. Today’s oil squeeze stopped me out. This is my biggest lose in couple months. Hate it but I have to let it go. I really cannot afford the up side risk here. It just made 52 weeks high and cut into the gap down zone of Apr 2012. If it break up that gap zone, who knows how high it will go. Just sit aside now.



I played $GLD bounce last month and it turned out pretty good. Now precious metal really looks good. Their prices stabilized. I’d take a precious metal Long again in $SLV as I see it bases on long term better than $GLD.

$SLV monthly and daily




It broke up pretty good but rolled down to me. And today there is bogus downgrade but I really like the big intra day reverse. I will give it more space and time. Now still holding full position.


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